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PT.Tirta Semesta Engineering - Jual Resin Cation dan Carbon Active
Victaulic Coupling Reverse Osmosis
Victaulic Coupling Reverse Osmosis
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 PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering We are a water treatment contractor in Surabaya which also sells water treatment parts. We sell Victaulic Coupling Stainless Steel 304 for reverse osmosis. It's already a package with rubber. Victaulic Couplinh function is a link between vessel and RO pipe line. The advantages of Stainless Steel are rust resistance and low pH. Not easily damaged, more hygienic and strong. We are ready stock in Surabaya and can be sent directly at any time. If you need other mechanical parts, other parts of RO, we are also ready because we are also water treatment contractors who do a lot of doing Reverse Osmosis. We also sell membrane RO, vessel RO, stamp RO etc.

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