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SDI Test Kit
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Sell ​​SDI Test Kit Surabaya
Water Quality Test Equipment
PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering

We are PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering is a water treatment contractor in Surabaya. Work on Reverse Osmosis, sofener, etc. But we also sell equipment for water treatment separately. For SDI test kits, we are ready stock Surabaya. The SDI test kit is used to measure the quality of the Reverse Osmosis water feed.

SDI test kit is used to measure solid index in RO feed water. It is very important to determine the pretreatment used before the Reverse Osmosis plan. The higher the SDI number, the greater the RO potential for blocking. Therefore, a good pretreatment is needed so that there are no problems with Reverse Osmosis.

SDI Test Kit Specifications:

- 47mm Filter Holder Filter Holder
- Filter paper 0.45µm 47mm
- Pressure gauge
- Pressure regulator
- Ball Valve
- Blunt Tweezers

We also sell resins, silica sand, carbon filters etc

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