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PT.Tirta Semesta Engineering - Jual Resin Cation dan Carbon Active
Catridge Filter Surabaya
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Sell ​​Cartridge Filter Surabaya
PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering

We are from PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering is a company engaged in water & waste water treatment contractors. In addition to working on the Reverse Osmosis project, we also sell RO consumables, one of which is a Cartridge Filter with the PureGen brand. We sell various kinds of filter cartridges one of which is a size of 40 inch 5 microns.

Filter Cartridge Function: Filter large and small particles in water. Cartridge filters are used at the initial screening stage. Can prevent blocking in RO membrane systems.

Our cartridges are ready stock in Surabaya with a very large amount. It doesn't need to be a long and annoying indent. With a puregen brand from America, our filter cartridges are strong and not easily damaged or wrinkled when exposed to water.

We also sell other size filter cartridges, filter cartridge housing, anion cation resins, RO membranes, silica sand, etc

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