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Silica Sand 12x24 Mesh
Silica Sand 12x24 Mesh
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Sell ​​Silica Sand Surabaya
PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering

We are PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering provides 12x24 Mesh silica sand. Silica sand that we sell is sand that comes from Bangka and Lampung. Our silica sand has been purchased by many large companies in East Java such as PT. Miwon, PT. Chiel Jedang, PT. Wilmar and others.

Silica sand functions mostly as a filter and water filter media. But silica sand also functions as a heat-retaining boiler, glass raw materials and acrilic raw materials. Silica sand we are ready in Surabaya so that the shipping time to East Java only takes a matter of hours.

Strengths Our silica sand is 98.8% and has been certified by Sucofindo Laboratories. With 25Kg / Sak packing it also makes handling not too heavy like 50Kg / Sak packaging.

Our silica sand specifications are 12x24 Mesh in size. If for other sizes we are also ready stock.

We also sell Carbon Filters, Anion Cation Resins, Cartridge Filters, and Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Check Our Shop

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