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PT.Tirta Semesta Engineering - Jual Resin Cation dan Carbon Active
Filter Media Dow Resin Surabaya
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IDR 400000.00

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Sell ​​Cation DOW IR 120 Na Resin Surabaya
Filter Media

We are PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering is an official supplier of DOW for East Java wild people. Cation resin serves to capture hardness compounds in raw water. We usually supply cation resin dow to factories in East Java. For stock, we are always ready in our warehouse in Surabaya. if there is a need for resin just contact us directly and we will offer you the best price.

Resin functions to remove hardness compounds in raw water. Hardness in raw water causes crust problems in equipment in the industry. The use of cation resin as a "softener" is very common in the industry. The age of Dow Cation resin is 3-4 years on average.

The advantages of buying cation resin dow at us are our official distributors of DOW and ready stock items in our Surabaya warehouse

We also sell Anion Resin, Purolite Resin, Resin Mix Bed Carbon Filter, etc

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