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Silica Sand Filter Media 8x16
Silica Sand Filter Media 8x16
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Sell ​​Silica Sand Surabaya


Silica Sand is the first stage filter media in water treatment. Used as a suspended solid filter in water. Silica sand in this offer has a size of 6 x 8 mesh. The higher the level of silica available, the better the resistance of silica sand. Stronger and more resistant to heat and impact. Silica sand that we sell comes from Bangka Belitung. But we have stocked in our warehouse which is located in the eastern ring of Sidoarjo. Our warehouse has a capacity of 200,000 tons of silica sand. There are many functions of silica sand. Among them: 1. As a water filter media 2. As a heat barrier on the boiler 3. As a glass raw material 4. etc. The advantages of silica sand that we have are Sucofindo Laboratory certified. With a silica content of 98.8% we make our silica sand the best in the East Java region. Our packaging is also 25Kg which makes handling and tidy easier. Prices can also be negotiable if you order a lot. Our silica sand specifications have a size of 6x8 mesh. 25Kg sack packaging. We also sell 12x24mesh silica sand, 8x16 mesh, carbon filters, cartridge filters, anion cation resins, and RO membranes.

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