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Water Test Equipment Easicult Combi
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IDR 850000.00

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Sell ​​Air Quality Test Equipment

Easicult Combi is Easicult is a natural culture method designed to facilitate and facilitate microbes in industrial fluids. Microbes pose occupational health problems and economic losses. Environment is a test in place. Samples can be incubated at room temperature or in an incubator. If necessary, slides can be forwarded to the results of accuracy. Use advanced preparation or equipment.

Easy to use in monitoring:

  1. Cut liquid in heavy metal work
  2. Cold water
  3. Industrial liquids in the paper and pulp industry
  4. Raw materials, semi-finished and final products in the paint and varnish industry
  5. The level of microbial contamination of storage tanks in the oil and petrochemical industries

Benefits of using Easicult:

  1. Prologue of the life cycle of industrial process fluids by helping to determine the correct time for approval of biocides
  2. Prevent blockages and / or corrosion in machine processes caused by excessive microbial contamination
  3. Prevent excessive discontinuation by excessive microbial contamination
  4. Health assistance
  5. Helps high microbiological quality throughout the production process

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