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PT.Tirta Semesta Engineering - Jual Resin Cation dan Carbon Active

Wastewater Treatment


PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering

We as WWTP contractors who have successfully built installations in several industries including:

PT. Greenfield Indonesia - Malang WWTP 1500M3 / Day (2017)

PT. Gresik Industrial Area - Gresik 1200M3 / Day (2017)

PT. Sinar Kencana Agung - Malang 500M3 / Day (2016)

PT. Sarana Karya Utama - Gresik 200M3 / Day (2016)

PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka - Pasuruan 250M3 / Day (2014)

PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka - Sukabumi (2014)

PT. Greenfields Indonesia Extention - Malang + 500M3 / Day (2018)

PT. Feng Tay (Nike) - Bandung 1200M3 / Day (2018-2019)

We also provide equipment and consumable parts for the needs of WWTP such as bubble diffuser, DAF, MBR, and Screw Press.

If you need information, you can directly contact us or come to our office at Puri Surya Jaya Athena H3 51/61.