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PT.Tirta Semesta Engineering - Jual Resin Cation dan Carbon Active

Filter Media

Sell Filter Media Surabaya
PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering

We are from PT. Tirta Semesta Engineering is a contractor for Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plan in Indonesia. On Indotrading website, we focus on selling / providing commodity & retail goods in the water treatment field. Starting from Silica Sand, Carbon Activ, RO Membrane, Cartridge Filter, Cation Anion Resin etc.

The location of our office is in Gedangan, Sidoarjo. 10 minutes from Surabaya and we have 4 warehouses in the East Lingkar Sidoarjo area. All of our goods are ready stock, which is always there and we also import directly from the country's supplier so that the prices in us will be cheaper.

We are also authorized distributors of the DOW brand so that our authenticity and quality can be held accountable. To contact us, please contact the bio or through Indotrading.

We also sell waste treatment including: MBR, Difusser, Membrane filter Press, DAF, Tsurumi Pump, etc.